Trine Bumiller : Stand


Trine Bumiller : Stand
May 23 – Jul 12, 2014

In Trine Bumiller’s tenth solo exhibition at Robischon Gallery, the Colorado artist’s highly-recognizable mark shifts into focus for her latest series entitled “Stand.” Known for many years for her complex, shaped, multi-part works, Bumiller returns to her roots of the singular painting arena. The series maintains the artist’s signature luminous paint with its heightened color and contrast, yet directs each composition exclusively toward a poetic stance and the tree as subject.  The artist’s writes, “Painted over time, with many subsequent layers of transparent oil glazes, the tree forms become imbedded in the paint like insects in amber. The flow of paint relates to their organic nature. Revealing and concealing layers point to the history of their making and to associations of time and place.”

Bumiller communicates through nature and abstraction in equal measure.  Her forms are clearly recognizable, yet it’s the unexpected paint that marries radiant uncommon greens with fire brushed yellows or dusk-like blues, which offer to alter the viewer’s usual perceptions.  As well, the human-scale of the work allows for the possibility to enter from a unique position of the personal or psychological.  Bumiller states, “These paintings continue my interest in nature as an abstraction of memory and human consciousness. Trees represent the reality of our experience in their existence, stature, and longevity, yet embody the passage of time in their transformation through the change of seasons and in years of growth. Their very structure, with upright trunks, roots anchored in earth, and branches reaching to sky, recalls the human experience on earth in transcendence from the physical. They represent our memories, our experience and our dreams.”

A BFA graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, Trine Bumiller has exhibited her work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, Redline Gallery and numerous other museums . Her work is included in collections such as the City and County of Denver, Colorado Convention Center, University of Colorado, The Children’s Hospital of Denver, Japanese Consulate General, University of Iowa and many corporate and private collections. Bumiller has received fellowships and awards including a Denali National Park Artist in Residence award, Colorado Council on the Arts award and residencies to the Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute and Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, New York.