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STOCKHOLDER RosesInclination

JESSICA STOCKHOLDER / Installation at Smart Museum

Robischon previously exhibited artist Jessica Stockholder recently completed a vivid and sprawling work at the University of Chicago's Smart Museum. Rose's Inclination is a site-specific installation extending across the museum's floor and walls, even climbing up and outside into the adjacent courtyard. Making use of ordinary materials such as lamps, paint, Plexiglas, carpet and garden mulch, Stockholder's progressive approach contains a destabilizing potential for the institution's Modernist architectural plan, as the artist states, "[t]he design of the building, the Smart courtyard, and by extension, the sidewalks, and the grid of the city, could morph at any moment."

Rose's Inclination will be on view at the Smart Museum, September 12, 2015 - July 2, 2017.

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